Friday, 25 November 2011

Rubi Blogger Party

Rubi Shoes held a blogger party last night to launch their first concept store, and showcase the new collection. While sipping delicious cocktails and eating far too many lollies, we wondered the beautiful new store. So many amazing and affordable shoes! 
Highly suggest everyone check it out, the store is located at 238 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. 
What I wore to the event is coming soon.


  1. exciting to see that blogger party is popping up in oz =) though i doubt brisbane is catching up that soon .. hehehe

  2. i want all of these shoes!!

  3. You look beautiful and those shoes are gorgeous! :) xx


  4. The whole time I thought you were Melissa Findley! We loved what you wearing, that amazing wedges + blue maxi skirt combo. Really regretted not taking a photo of you! (apart from a bad photo of your shoes). We were too busy trying to do too many things at once haha. Hope to catch you another time, Gabby! x

  5. Looks like so much fun, I love some of those shoes!

  6. Oh my was that you! I knew you looked familiar - I'm sure I said hello if not, my apologies, so many people and so many shoes! How great did the store look! Loving the new range most especially all the coloured suede/style numbers

    x Lauren

  7. Looks like such a great event!
    I caught up with Lauren from Your Only Black Swan last night and she told me about the whole evening! Sounded amazing!!
    Would love to see the Rubi concept store!