Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Friend of Mine Ronnie shorts, Friend of Mine Newton tee, Lion in Love boots, 
Karen Walker Harvest sunglasses, Friend of Mine leopard clutch

I'm in love with my new caramel Ronnie shorts from Friend of Mine, 
I will be living in them when I'm in QLD - not long now!  One more 
exam and a thesis to finish off and I'm a free bird. Bliss!


  1. Love this outfit Gabby, especially the colour of the shorts with the leopard print!
    I've had my eye on those shorts for a while and if I wasn't heading to an American winter they would be in my wardrobe too! xo

    poison in a beautiful bottle

  2. So glad you have done a post on this tee - wasn't sure whether to buy or not. And I love it!
    Great outfit & love the bag. Friend of Mine never fails!

    Bronte xx

  3. Love how your representing aussie and kiwi designers, shows how much talent we have here down under! Gorgeous outfit as always.

  4. those shorts look amazing with that clutch! the colours complement each other so well x