Monday, 29 July 2013

m o t e l h o l l y w o o d

The oldest and creepiest motel across from my apartment on Sunset Blvd. The angry dude
 at the desk wouldn't let us take pics so we just took a couple of sneaky shots out the
 front, but I will get photos inside soon!

Vintage Tee


  1. Yeah darlin I got thrown out of there the day before I left. Very uncharitable I must say. I didn't take any photos either. Just walk in and snap some of the old buildings when they aren't watching.

  2. Shades of Route 66

  3. very cool!!

  4. haha love it! can't wait to see the shots from inside. if these are anything to go by they will be incred! i love keeping up to date with your US adventures. big love, x.