Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Space Cadet

Another dress I had made on my recent trip to Vietnam, inspired by the Ellery lafayette armour sleeve dress 
which I always wanted, but never managed to get my hands on. I haven't worn him since I got back because 
I had no idea what shoes to wear with a crazy silver dress, until I found these over-the-top glittery numbers 
at the Topshop launch. Perfect!

Tailor made dress
Topshop heels
DIY perspex cuffs (tutorial up next)


  1. I love the Lafayette dress so this one is such a good inspired by! I love these heels too, they remind me of the Miu Miu ones <3

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  2. Love this outfit. Glitter's becoming a tired trend, and I'm getting sick of seeing it everywhere, but this looks so good I couldn't help but love it. The dress looks amazing, and those cuffs are great.

  3. Your look amazeballllls!! I absolutely adore the dress and the Miu Miu -esque shoes are perfection. :) xx

    Hope you have a wonderful new year Gabby!

    Love, Mandy xx

  4. I absolutely love this, what an amazing creation you have put together! You've got talent, gurrrrl. Oh and those shoes, WOW! Such an amazing combo x

  5. incredible babe. love those Topshops!

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  7. Wonderful Topshops!!!
    like them very much, so amazin'

    P.S.: New Blog !!!

    Love Clara

  8. love your blog babe! amazing all your outfit
    xx selene

  9. You look like Drew Barrymore !
    I love your outfit

  10. Those shoes are also gorgeous! oh I wish we had topshop.